Arduino Based Automatic Irrigation System

Sandeep Minz, Ankit Saha, Mrinmoy Ranjan Dev


In the present days, the farmers are suffering from severe drought like condition throughout the year. The main objective of this paper is to provide a system leads to automatic irrigation thereby saving time, money & power of the farmers, gardeners in greenhouses etc. Manual intervention is common in traditional farm-land irrigation techniques. This paper presents a technique for Arduino based Automatic Irrigation System. With this automated technology of irrigation, human intervention can be minimized. The moisture sensors will be bedded in on the field. Whenever there is a change in water concentration, these sensors will sense the change and gives an interrupt signal to the microcontroller. Soil is one of the most fragile resources whose soil pH property used to describe the degree of the acidity or basicity, which affects nutrient availability and ultimately plant growth. Thus, the system will provide automation, remote controlling and increased efficiency. The humidity sensor is connected to internal ports of microcontroller via comparator; whenever there is a fluctuation in temperature and humidity of the environment, these sensors sense the change in temperature and humidity and give an interrupt signal to the micro-controller and thus the motor is activated. A buzzer is used to indicate that the pump is on.


Arduino; Moisture Sensor; Automatic Irrigation; Xbee

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