Identification of optimal path through Network Reconfiguration in Distribution System

P L Nongkynrih, Rishandonborlang Mawrie, Lyon Ch Marak, Pushpanjalee Konwar, Mriganka Gogoi


Network Reconfiguration is basically the changing the topological structure of the tie and sectionalizing switches. Distribution Networks are operated either in meshed or in radial configuration. Optimal reconfiguration of a primary meshed distribution network results in better performances and minimizing the overall conductor length during installation. The search for the optimal radial reconfigured network from a large number of feasible configuration is done by the selection of the best set of switches on the feeders that are to be opened or closed so that each existing feeder can be operated close to its optimal load-ability limit and the resulting optimal network is supposed to operate at lowest power loss and overall highest voltage stability index. This theoretical concept is however difficult to implement in practice due to heavy computational burden and unacceptably long search durations, therefore Heuristic search approaches are more common. In the project, we use Edmond’s Maximal Spanning Tree Algorithm to achieve an optimal solution.


Edmond’s Maximal Spanning Tree algorithm; Kruskal’s algorithm; Radial Distribution Network; Voltage Stability

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