Potential Use of DC Microgrid for Solar and Wind Power Integration in Rural Areas in India: A Review

Risalin Lyngdoh Mairang, Bikramjit Goswami


This paper describes the possibilities of the application of DC microgrids to solve the rural areas, energy problem in the country (India). DC Microgrids open a gateway for integration of solar and wind energies which together are an efficient and cleaner way of renewable energy generation, which can be integrated into the power distribution network. They have several other advantages, which include - reduction in transmission losses, improvement in power quality & reliability, reduction in emissions and even they are cost effective. The most important characteristic is that it provides a possibility for electrification of remote villages, which are far from the reach of the conventional grid. This paper presents a detailed discussion on the possibility of application of DC microgrids for rural areas in India.


DC microgrid, solar, wind, BESS, supercapacitor, HOMER, State of Charge (SoC)

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