Comparative Analysis of Different Control Schemes for DC-DC Converter

Ferrarison B. Lynser, Morningstar Sun, Maiarta Sungoh, Nuki Taggu, Pushpanjalee Konwar


DC-DC converters are some power electronic circuits that convert the DC voltage from one level to another. They have a very large area of applications ranging from computing to communication. They are widely used in appliance control transportations, and high-power transmission. Its increasing demand is based on its capability of electrical energy conversion. The basic topology of DC-DC converter are Buck converter and Boost converter, other topologies are derived from this two-basic topology. In this paper mathematical modelling of both Buck and Boost converters has been done. Some of the control schemes are summarized in this paper. Current mode control (CMC), PID, control including their advantages and disadvantages are highlighted in this paper.


DC-DC converter, PID, IMC and Buck converter.

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