A Review on Application of Biosensors for Cancer Detection

Nilakshi Devi, Shakuntala Laskar


Cancer is a deadly disease that has devastated many lives over the years. Cancer, when detected in the early stage, can be cured through proper treatment, increasing the life expectancy of the patient. Thus, it is very important to detect cancer at the early stage. The current method of cancer detection is biopsy which is a total invasive medical procedure. Owing to the several limitations of the time-consuming procedure of biopsy researchers and scientist all over the globe have turned their attention towards the development of instruments for rapid and non-invasive detection of cancer through detection of clinically recognized cancer biomarkers present in blood and other body fluid of cancer patients. This paper discusses some of the novel biomarkers used for cancer diagnosis along with the potential use of biosensors in early detection of cancer.


Biomarkers, Biopsy, Biosensors, Cancer

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