Theravada Buddhism and Traditional Religion in Lathao, A Tai Khampti Village in Arunachal Pradesh

Vijanti Namchoom, Janet C. Lalhmingpuii


The article provides a descriptive and analytical account of the religious beliefs and practices of the Tai Khampti of Arunachal Pradesh. The issue which is addressed in the paper is the co-existence between Theravada Buddhism and animistic practices which define their religious world-view. We argue that the Tai Khampti follow a syncretic form of religion which is composed of Theravada Buddhism and the traditional religious beliefs and practices where Theravada Buddhism forms the dominant belief system with non-Buddhist beliefs placed in subordination to it. The paper is presented through ethnographic evidence which came from Lathao, a Tai Khampti village located in the Namsai District of Arunachal Pradesh.

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