Effect of road transport accessibility on agricultural produce marketing and livelihoods of farmers in the Kasena-Nankana West District of Ghana

Anthony Kwame Morgan et al.


For developing counties like Ghana, tackling existing internal economic and social disparities demands long term strategic solutions to mitigate the severity of poverty among some specific vulnerable groups within the society. By enabling the effective exchange of goods and services, the road sector makes a tremendous contribution to the economic development of rural societies and the eradication of existing rural-urban disparities. In many developing countries, however, rural road transport networks are generally of a low quality owing to little priority accorded to them. This paper, therefore, assessed the effects of poor road transport accessibility on the marketing of agricultural produce in the Kasena-Nankana West District of Ghana. The paper draws on the experiences of 150 respondents; farmers and transport operators from three communities (Babile, Chiana and Naania) and officials from the Feeder Roads Department of the District Assembly on the challenges of marketing agricultural produce in the District. Data collection was based on primary sources using questionnaires and interview guides. The analyzed data was presented in descriptive statistics such as percentages using tables and graphs. The condition of the road has engendered the practice of drivers overloading their vehicles. Utmost among the challenges confronting produce marketing is the issue of increased transport fares. The major impact of poor road transport network on the marketing of agriculture produce, identified by the study was the high incidence of post-harvest losses. Also, the increased cost of transportation compels farmers to sell their produce at farm gates at lower prices. The study, therefore, recommends that the District Assembly and Department of Feeder Roads improve the road networks within the area while storage facilities should be built and strategically sited in the communities to store farm produce.  


Developing Countries, Agriculture, Farmers' Produce, Road and Transport

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