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The Journal of Development Practice is happy to bring out its 2018 (Annual) Volume 4. This volume like in other volumes covers themes of various interests. There are four different themes in this volume.

The first article by Mr. Dominic Pendenam deals with suicide and puts forth a critical reflection based on theories and field experience. The author asks a question whether a suicide runs through a family?

The second article by Romina Istratti concerns with the effectiveness of gender and development practice in diverse knowledge systems and draws conclusion that gender-sensitive development … needs to consider local epistemological framework attuned to religio-cultural sensibilities. The author further suggests participatory ethnographic methodology for effectiveness in such study.

The third article by Hae-du Hwang and Gwang-Min KIM proposes adoption of cooperative microfinance than commercial oriented microfinance for alleviation of mass poverty in the world. The authors cite a large number of examples from across the world and put forth their argument and arrive at such a conclusion.

The fourth article by Kaberi Das brings out the nature of relationship between migrants and city in the context of vertical and horizontal expansion of urban spaces. The paper is divided into four parts. The first part looks into the relationship between cities and migrants from the inclusive and exclusive perspectives; the second at the relationship between migrants and urbanization; the third into the insider-outsider paradigm that is constructed to distinguish between the local and the migrants and how the migrants negotiate their identity (with case from Guwahati city in Assam); and the fourth analyzes policies that are framed in the context of India for migrants and the way migrants are reflected in the policies.

The Journal received a number of submissions. The acceptance rate of the submitted article in the Journal in this Volume was 45 per cent. The volume has put four articles as of now and a few are to be added in the coming days based on themes or as a special issue.

The Journal of Development Practice reiterates its stand to give space for alternative views especially arising from experiences from the field.


Dr. Jacob Islary MSW, PhD

Editor, JDP

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