Challenges of Human Resource Management in Hospitals and their probable solutions: A study based on review of literature

Abhinav Sarma, Dr Pratim Barua


Human resource management (HRM) is concerned with the development of both individuals and the organization in which they operate. HRM is engaged not only in securing and developing the talents of individual workers, but also in implementing programs that enhance communication and cooperation between those individual workers in order to nurture organizational development. In a sector like Healthcare, the human resource is relatively diverse and requires a high level of skill and competency. The quality of the human resource has a great impact on the efficiency and performance of the health care delivery system. Also with the diverse group of workforce, the individual goals and motivation level of the workforce also varies. Thus it becomes quite challenging for the human resource personnel to effectively handle this diverse workforce. This paper attempts to identify the challenges faced by the human resource units of the healthcare organisations and hospitals and puts an effort to suggest some probable solutions to address the challenges. The paper identifies 10 challenges faced by the human resource management of the healthcare organisations more specifically the hospitals in managing the workforce

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