A study on the advertising scenario in Guwahati with reference to various media

Anson Joy


Companies advertise about their product and services in different media to get the attention of the people. Nowadays creative contents are required to achieve the attention of the people. So, there have been tremendous changes in the way companies advertise and in the selection of advertising media. The print media, radio, television, social media etc. are the major platforms through which companies advertise.


This study aims at finding out various criteria, which agencies and clients use to choose different media platforms for advertising. The advertising decisions are taken by various sectors differ. Sectors such as educational institutions, hospitals, automobile industry etc. have different strategies in choosing a media platform for advertising. The study has been carried out under The Times of India Guwahati, and it will also analyze the criteria followed by different sectors to choose a media platform and the preference of the companies in Guwahati towards various advertising media.

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