Manalisha Deka


The sexual cycle in mammals are controlled by some hormones secreted from the gonads and pituitary gland. In ovariectomised mice there is no estrus cycle as there is no ovary to secrete the sex hormones. Exogenous supply of estrogen can induce estrus in laboratory mice. The present investigation was aimed to study the estrogenic effect of root extract of the plant Clitoria ternatea in ovariectomised mice. Methanol extract was prepared in soxlet apparatus and final extract was prepared by evaporating the excess methanol in a rotary evaporator. Then adult female mice showing normal estrus cycle were ovariectomised to cease the cycle. The ovariectomised mice were divided into four groups as control, positive control, test-1 and test-2 having 5 animals in each group. All the groups were kept under similar environmental conditions and supplied with same food. Control group received normal saline, positive control group received 0.1µg synthetic estradiol-17β per kg body weight, test-1 and test-2 groups received 200 and 400 mg root extract per kg body weight respectively. All the groups were given their respective dose for 7 consecutive days via oral route except positive control which was given subcutaneously. During the treatment period vaginal smear was studied to observe the induction of estrus. At the end of the experiment vaginal smears of all the experimental groups were studies. Then all the animals were sacrificed under anesthesia and blood were collected by heart puncture. Serum Estrogen level was estimated by commercial kit. Uterine wet weight was recorded immediately after the mice were sacrificed. In the present investigation it was found that the cells of vaginal smears showed cornification in comparison to that of the control group. The wet weight of the uteri was increased significantly in all the tested groups. Serum level of estrogen was increased significantly in positive control and both the test groups in comparison to the control group. From the present study it can be assumed that the plant extract may have some estrogenic property.


estradiol; ovariectomy; methanol extract; Clitoria ternatea

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