Vol 9

Issue 1(2020):June 2020

Table of Contents


A Model of Relationship between TQM Practices and Quality Performance in Indian Manufacturing Industry PDF
Arun Pundlikrao Kedar
A survey of Advanced Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks PDF
Ravikiran Sanjay Anande, Suhas S. Patil
A Novel Scheme for the Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease through MRI Analysis PDF
Sandeep C S, N Vijayakumar, Sukesh A Kumar
Evaluation of Response Reduction Factor of RCC Framed Structure having an Arched Beam PDF
Ishan Jitendrabhai Panchal, Vijay Panchal
A Perturbed Self-organizing Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm to solve Multiobjective TSP PDF
Kanimozhi J, V. Swathilakshmi, B. Thiyagarajan, R. Subramanian
A Review on ANFIS based Linearization of Non Linear Sensors PDF
Image Encryption Using Meitei Lock Sequence Generated from Hash Functions PDF
Yumnam Kirani Singh
Fabrication and electrical characterization of Organic Field-Effect Transistor based on CSA doped PANi-Ta2O5 nanocomposite PDF
BORNALI BORA PATOWARY, Shakuntala Laskar, P.P Sahu, Rewrewa Narzary
Adaptive thresholding based optimal rate and MIMO mode selection scheme for IEEE 802.11n WLAN PDF
Pravinkumar Sudhakar Patil, Meenakshi Patil