Evaluation of Response Reduction Factor of RCC Framed Structure having an Arched Beam

Ishan Jitendrabhai Panchal, Vijay Panchal


In Civil Engineering, the requirement of large span frame structures is in demand which provide more clear space without any obstacles. The seismic design of these types of structures is more complicated than regular framed structures. In this study, Response Reduction Factor (R) is evaluated for RCC frame having different type of arched beams using the software SAP2000. The value of R is investigated for realistic RCC frame having straight beam, segmental arch, semi-circular arch and parabolic arch for different earthquake zones. Non-linear static pushover analysis is conducted to measure the R factor which is very important for economic design and safe structure. Design & detailing of a structure is done as per the provisions of Indian standards. The results show that the value of R drastically changes with different earthquake zones, which is not specified in Indian standards. Other significant conclusions are also provided in this study.

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