Simulation and Analysis of Variable Gain DVCC Based Active Inductance and its Application in Constant K Prototype and Resonance Filter

Ramkrishna Yenkar, Manoj Kumar Nigam


The inductor is an essential component in many electronic systems. But the passive inductance is not suitable due to its dimension and magnetic interference. To overcome these issues, active inductance is preferred. Active inductance is simulated using the RC network connected with an active device(s). Here, VG-DVCC (Variable Gain Differential Voltage Current Conveyor) is proposed as an active device. The VG-DVCC with two external R and one C component forms the Impedance Converter which converts Active RC network into Active Inductance. This paper gives an overview of the design-simulation of Active Inductance and the frequency range analysis of its linearity. Also, it highlights applications in the realization of constant k-prototype and resonance filters.

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