Easy designing steps of a local data warehouse for possible analytical data processing

Y. Somananda Singh, Y. Kirani Singh, N. Subadani Devi, Y. Jayanta Singh


Data warehouse (DW) are used in local or global level as per usages. Most of the DW was designed for online purposes targeting the multinational firms. Majority of local firms directly purchase such readymade DW applications for their usages. Customization, maintenance and enhancement are very costly for them. To provide fruitful e-services, the Government departments, academic Institutes, firms, Telemedicine firms etc. need a DW of themselves. Lack of electricity and internet facilities, especially in rural areas, does not motivate citizen to use the benefits of e-services. In this digital world, every local firm is interested in having their DW that may support strategic and decision making for the business. This study highlights the basic technical designing steps of a local DW. It gives several possible solutions that may arise during the design of the process of Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL). It gives detail steps to develop the dimension table, fact table and loading data. Data analytics normally answers business questions and suggest future solutions.

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