An Innovative Strategy of Energy Generation using Piezoelectric Materials: A Review

Sidharth Sharma, Nupur Chachra Sharma, Ajay Upadhayay, Debirupa Hore


Certain material when strained produce electric potential over their surface which is directly proportional to the amount of mechanical stress applied. These materials are known as piezoelectric materials and this effect is referred as a direct piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectricity is intensely used in the working of transducers, actuators, surface acoustic wave devices, frequency controls, etc. Use of piezoelectric material for power generation is now becoming a new promising area of its usage. Many countries like Japan, Israel India have already moved ahead in this direction with its wide range of experimentation and testing on using the material as a source for power generation. Also, with the advancement in the manufacturing and production capabilities of these materials the aspects like performance, affordability, reliability, easy implantation and longevity have greatly enhanced. This paper focuses on using the piezoelectric material as a power generating source and extension of its use in various areas.

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