Experimental Performance Assessment of a low-cost single-phase Arduino-based Power Meter

Loganaden Madalamootoo, Heman Shamachurn


A single-phase, low-cost, plug and play, portable and wireless meter has been implemented to measure the electrical parameters of typical household electrical loads ranging from a few watts to a few kilowatts. ADE7753 smart measuring IC was employed to acquire load current and voltage information through sensors. The Arduino Mega 2560 board, alongside the Arduino Wi-Fi shield were used for wireless communication and for logging of information on an external memory card. Measurements performed on eight typical office loads using the proposed meter and a calibrated Fluke 345 power quality clamp meter revealed an acceptable performance for most of the considered electrical appliances. The absolute percentage error in measured active power and cumulative energy consumption were less than 5 % for most of the considered appliances. The total cost of the system was 139 USD, which makes it affordable to measure the power consumption of different typical domestic loads.

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