Time Performance Improvement in DPLLs for Wireless Communication-A Literature Survey

Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya, Aradhana Misra, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma


Rapid growth in communication technology has been seen over the past few years. Current 3G and 4G systems provide enhanced features captivating more and more users. However, with the ever increasing user demand, providing satisfactory data rate or speed remains an issue. Futuristic 5G systems with hundred times faster data rates are thus already in the reckoning. Communication systems that can serve low error rates at minimum delay are the need of the hour. DPLL based receiver packages find place in modern day communication setups. In recent times, many such standalone receiver designs based on popular techniques such as Zero Crossing (ZC), polynomial fitting etc. have been proposed to exhibit satisfactory error performance. But DPLL loop action leads to degraded time performance and so current research focuses on minimizing this time delay. A detailed survey on different time performance improvement techniques for DPLL systems is presented

Keywords:time efficiency, acquisition, time jitter, delay

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