A WiFi-based Reliable Network Architecture for Rural Regions

Md. I. Hussain, S. K. Dutta, N. Ahmed ., I. Hussain .


WiFi is being considered as an attractive option in providing low cost Internet connectivity to rural areas, and thereby reducing Digital Divide with urban areas. Most of the WiFi-based Long Distance network architectures extend Internet to rural regions through a single gateway node which is connected to high speed Internet. If the gateway node fails in such single gateway-based rural networks, the entire network gets collapsed. In this paper, we propose a reliable and low-cost WiFi based rural network architecture using multi-gateway concept. The proposed network architecture also allows load balancing among the available gateways. In such multi-gateway architecture, the network recovers from gateway failure and reestablishes the ongoing communication within 2-4 seconds time. The simulation results in NS-2 validate the claims of the paper

Keywords—Digital Divide, WiFi, WiFi based Long Distance Networks

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